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"I am 81 years old and came to RMD unable to walk. Thanks to the attention of the doctors and staff here, I am able to walk now! I am happy here and very thankful to them."

ADITYA KRISHNA (Son of Narasimhan)

RMD Trust truly looks to “add life to days” of their patients. The entire staff and team did everything in their power to care for my father. They took the effort to ensure his comfort, providing him pain management tools as well as food as necessary. My father was never alone; he was monitored 24x7. The work done by this team is truly sacred work. Special appreciation from our family to Mr. Sakthi, Ms. Muniyamma, Dr. Manikandan, Dr. Bhanupriya, Dr. Karthick, Dr. Vikram, Dr. Chandru and Dr. Republica. Each of them was there for us when we most needed the support.


For the longest time, we never knew my nephew Ganeshamurthy had cancer. He complained of headaches and we visited a few hospitals but did not take anything too seriously. Soon, we noticed a lump behind his left ear and he could no longer open his mouth, speak or eat. We went back to the hospital and they told us it was cancer. Multiple hospitals turned us down, saying they would not treat him. It was all made worse by the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. After visiting multiple hospitals and doctors, we went back to the government hospital where they suggested electric shock treatment. My nephew underwent the treatment about 30 times but the lump grew into a large mass, became septic and started oozing blood. The hospital refused to dress the wound and soon told us there was nothing left to do. They said there was no hope left. A couple of bad experiences with other hospitals later, we found our way to RMD. They tested my nephew and immediately started treating him. They dressed the wound and made sure it no longer oozed blood. There were even maggots on the wound and they cleaned it all up. They told us to come back every other day to change the dressing. In fact, they said if we could not visit, they would send someone home to take care of my nephew. All of this was free too!


"I cannot tell you enough about how grateful I am to RMD’s staff and doctors. My brother has died and I don’t live in Chennai. I visit my nephew every few days to check on him. It is only after coming to RMD that I have the confidence that he will be taken care of well."

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